Jen was born and raised in Los Angeles. 


Her paintings and photography reflect her fascination with color, movement, and experience as a component of personal narrative.


In her work, she employ's the possibility of visual interpretation and emotional ideas by using strong graphic shapes and a variety of color. Jen attempts to create, in each instance, a specific narrative of suspended existence between dream-state & reality. 

The influence of theater, music, dance and spirit have always been sources of inspiration.

Jen graduated with a degree in Communications with an emphasis on Radio, TV & Film. 

After graduation, she developed a love for media and commercial production. Wanting to incorporate her passion for the creative process into her career, she began to explore the world of creative advertising.  


For the past 18 years, she has switched her focus to theatrical marketing and print production

where she brings together a marketer’s mind with an artist’s eye.


Currently, Jen serves as SVP of Global Marketing Operations at Lionsgate Entertainment where she directs all aspects of systems and content deliverables for the Motion Picture Group.


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