I dream and birth a life that is drenched with hope that knows not of pessimism.

I enjoy picking flowers on my morning walk, journaling, swimming naked with glee, creating art, setting unrealistic intentions for love.


I wish greatly, with untainted hope for our planet, our people.

I dream magic, yes real magic into existence—for I believe we are all connected and I, along with others, am powerful beyond comprehension with enough will.


I scoff at societal shoulds and say, “I do not wish to have children, or a mortgage.

If I marry we will all be naked and give the money we would have spent on suits and silk to charity."


I don’t wish to talk about the sun blowing up or how doomed our younger generations are. I believe they will learn from our mistakes—they will save the earth, bring the polar bears snow and stop our world from being taken over by drones and robots.


I know we will eventually break up with our screens.


I do not pay close attention to the news, because it pumps fear and lacks the joy that I live for.


I am a utopian who gazes at stars, a visionary who shoots from the hip, walks in my power and holds people accountable with all my might.


I trust people before I know them. I give fourth chances. I forgive easily.

I’m too busy loving this world to begrudge it of its fear and hate.


human activity. It is the creation of something new, something that might not work, something that causes a viewer to be influenced.

Art uses context and culture to send a message. Instead of only a contribution of beauty or craft, art adds intent. The artist works to create something generous, something that will change us.

Art isn’t painting or canvas or prettiness. Art is work that matters.

It’s entirely possible that you’re an artist.

Everyone can be, if we choose.

© Jen Ditchik 2018 / jenditchik@yahoo.com

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